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I am noone terribly important. I am no coder, or leader. I simply am enthusiastic about technologies, space, gaming, and happen to have severe vision disabilities. While I have 'been on line' since the mid 90's and even have a (now dead) blogger. I mostly realized that I spent most of my time just fiddling with formatting and settings and tags and whatnot. Gemini suits my sensabilities far better and will hopefully help give framework to force my ADD to focus, at least marginally, on the task at hand.


Vision Issues.


More Site Organization


More Blogger Excivations


The Blogger Archive


Joining Flounder.Online


My Transition from Gopher to Gemini.

The Gopher Attempts

All of the following are text files from when I toed my water in the world of gopher. Granted I also did so right as I was about to move and embark on a fairly involved rennovation. So I ended up not updating after a certain point, and by the time the rennovations had ended Gemini had caught my attention. I could compile all these into a proper ggml file, but I feel it is best to put the whole collection into its own directory and seperate from my attempts at Gemini blogging.


New Home.


My basic Wishlist for whoever ends up as president.


Sharpening the tools


To BBS or Not to BBS


Now Stumbled into the World


Network Stumbling and Flailing


Writing Stumbling Blocks


Terminal Musings

Gopher Stumbling Blocks

The Blogger Archives

For several years I had a more traditional blog on blogspot. technically it's still out there. Most of the images are dead, but it exists. I'm not very proud of most of the content, but i did find some gems i happened to think worth hanging onto for one reason or another.

In time I do plan on making an organized list, but for now. I present it as a raw directory of pages.

The Blogger Archive