The Mobile Thing.

With no desktop and not using anything more fancy than a text editor how hard can it be to update things?

So long as I double check spellings it isn't hard so much as tedious for Gemini. For HTML? It's even worse, but doable. I just haven't done it

Uploading is similarly doable, but tedious on Android via andftp. I don't get any warnings and the transfer seems far slower than filezilla. I am sure better solutions exist, but it works for now

Biggest hassle really is writing as I do not yet have a Bluetooth keyboard. So, thumb typing. It is doable, and this exposes another reason I like Gemini.

As for the protocol? I don't know the wider state of things, and part of me just can't muster the care about things outside of my control. I knew Gemini wouldn't be that popular, so I just focus on me with the understanding I'm just some shmoe online nobody cares about.



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