That feeling when you solve an an annoying problem.

Figured out what the issue with termius was, all through the use of fire toolbox. Turns out amazon starts at a 150% zoom, which apparently is something termius dislikes. using fire toolbox I put it at 100% which seems to have fixed things. So, yay. The next issue is less of a hardware or software one, and more the fact I need to stop brkg so sloppy while writing. Still, the big stumbling block to using tablet as a terminal is out, which lets me leave the desktop turned off more often, whicj is good I guess.

That is a solveable problem though, one that requires more diciplinee than I have shown in awjile. It is said the first step in solving a problem is identifying it.

Better to use what tools I have on hand than to wish and hope to get better tools.