Here is rougly what's happeed,

Right around summer of 2023 I joined a pubnix server [1] and essentially left my Flounder [2] to, well, flounder unmaintained.

As of early January 2024 I locked myself out of Ctrl c because I accidentally flubbed my login enough to trip automated blacklisting. The guy that runs the place was very prompt in fixing this once made aware of the issue. Then.... The server locked me out even with the correct credentials. I am sure it is a simple problem I just don't understand the thing I messed up.

Not the end of the world, but exceedingly annoying since while Flounder is a nice welcoming place that is a nice fall back I am returning to, the guy that runs the place has limits on space. These are, I feel, sensible given it is a backburne hobby project and demonstration of the flounder server software, but they are limits Ctrl-C did not have.

Still. Being able to update my blog and occasionally and too infrequently update the fiction I write while things sort out is pretty good.

[1] Crl-C.club Tilde Community

flounder.online Gemini/web server



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