The Year of Doing Scary Things.

New year and, this is where I give up my desktop. Technically it's by choice, but to be blunt? I am at a point in life where I am tired of everything. Though if one were to demand specifics? I'm not sure I could give an answer. Not one I'm satisfied with.

So this post is made with markor on my phone using and ftp to upload, and ... Then I don't know what.

My stepdad always has new projects. The animals need tending. What's the damned point? I'm in my forties living in my parents home because I can't hack it in the real world.

And I'm tired of feeling like I neither fit in with any group nor seem to be allowed to tell people that it is not ok to talk to me like garbage.

I'm tired of anything I say being overruled by pointing out how little experience I have, or that I am so very smart yet also so stupid the way of things is blindingly obvious.

Mostly I'm tired of this casual bend in how horrible every generation is and how lazy and worthless 'kids' are.

To someone that due to disability is unable to find eork....

And on it goes.

Time to see what me sans computer is like and if I will vanish line a fart in the wind from having withdrawals like they keep saying.

I give up.

You fuckers win.



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