Resolutions and Projects

I've never been good with the whole 'new year's resolution' thing. It's always been a case of 'oh look at that thing i want to do but never really make any headway on and give up a month in.'

So. Less 'one singular goal' and more 'a series of things i want to chip away at.' As it turns out, CGP Grey has made avideo on this[1]. I'm not doing things exactly like he's laying out. More a case of 'this is what i want to try seeing improvement in.'


Because it isn't just about the number on the scale, or a waistline size. I could drop several belt notches and still be dreadfully out of shape. This is also me coming off of covid. I want to be out of breath less when doing stuff. Mostly because as afraid as I've been on my temper with a level of fitness that would lead to me thinking I can buck up to someone that could still flatten me? I'm getting to the age where I can't keep ignoring my family's heart issues, and for all my complaints? I do like living. Being out of breath whenever activity picks up isn't living, it's merely existing.


There are several stories I want to work on, one of which I've had on hold since last may pretty much because it'd reached a part I knew was going to happen, but I didn't want to write. Beyond that? I have several world building excersizes I want to get on page, even if all I end up doing is essentially making a wiki rundown of these things. Never know, they might be useful. Probably not, but it's more productive than staring at youtube all day.

Projects include but are not limited to:

Claws and Chrome - A tabletop setting I've been noodling about with involving players getting to pick between either uplifted animals (that arestill very 'animal' rather than 'human with furry bits plastered on,) and little helper robots (think roomba, mars rover, flier drones, etc as opposed to 'terminator.' Though the SAINT units from Short Circuit would be within bounds. The biggest constraint is 'helper robot' as opposed to 'ultra scifi human replacement bot'.) This includes a rough timeline. Game session hooks, locations, etc. If anyone is familiar with engine heart[2][3] this is sorta like that, but my own attempt at a mechanical system plus additions to keep it from being a complete knock off.

Used KARR for Sale - A Fan Fiction set in the Knight Rider setting that started with 'What if someone found KITT's 'evil' twin (KARR) forty years later?' I'm at a point in the story I had dreaded writing ever since I outlined things, but 'write what you know' and I wanted to shine a light on some of the things I do know. Plus i have so many oddball and one off things I want to get to, but to get to those i need to get through the next part.

Mall Rats - If anyone is familiar with the Dungeon Core[5] genre 'what if abandoned mall, but dungeon?' To be more expansive - Take 'group of kids dumped in fantastic situation' and have that situation be the local abandoned mall having self awareness and a want to not be abandoned. By kids i mean highschool students, and by me writing I mean me flailing and panicing because I'm a lifelong shut-in and I am terrified everything I write will feel fake to the reader.

Interactive Fiction

Because I have fond memories of choose your own adventure books, Interactive Fiction such as Zork, and software exists[6] to easily make what i want happen. I just have to actually do the thing.

Mental Health improvement

Because I know I am not well, and for everything I feel my family has that is good? Their willingness to understand I probably need therapy and professional help due to lifelong self worth issues and other issues all in one way or another leading back to my disabilities .... isn't one of them. So, I have to figure this one out on my own and unlike the vast majority of my life I have to stop avoiding since avoidance isn't solving, it's jsut ... avoiding the problem.

Ham Radio?

I'd kinda written this one off, but even if I don't get the setup I want? I do want to get re-licensed, finally get general, learn morse code. Even if I never use it I at least can look and go 'I finally did that.'

I don't know how much I'll get chipped away at any of this, but yo ucan't work towards goals if you don't have goals.

[1] 'Your Theme.' - CGP Grey

[2]Viral Games Publishing - The creators of the engine heart setting.

[3]My writeup of engine heart (Web Proxy)

[4]My Writeup of engine heart (Gemini)

[5]Reddit post explaining what Dungeon Core is as a genre.

[6]Twine - Software that helps users make choice based fiction.



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