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             Est. June 6, 2021

What is Cheapie Theatre?

This has come about largely as an attempt at keeping busy, and encourage writing. Honestly it feels somewhat wierd, since if one wishes to get to the point of it? Posting to any number of sites like archive of our own, wattpad, or even to social media like Facebook is incredibly easy. So, why do it this way?

Mostly, because why not? I like gemini as protcol and concept. It's flawed, but it represents someone looking at the problems of web bloat, an overabundance of advertisement, your own computer spying on you for the sake of selling to said advertisers. Then instead of just hand wringing and whining endlessly, they're attempting to do something about it. Gemini isn't appropriate for everything, shopping and banking being big ones, but it is surprisingly versitile in spite of being both simple and activly hostile to being extended.

Site Best Viewed in Gemini

Graphic created by Uoniss Evernou.

Now, On to the content!

Latest Gemlog: 2024-01-31

No More Delays

Ctrl-Zine: January 2024

Ctrl-C Zine Index Page

My article for January 2024

Micky The Free

Latest Fiction Update: 2024-01-23

Mall rats Index

Main Characters Overview

My Gemlog

It's a blog, but on Gemini.

Zine Articles

The articles I've written for Ctrl-C's Zine.


Now and then I try writing. I have been told I am reasonably good when I apply myself. Might as well have a home for that.


My ongoing attempt at making a d20 based RPG. I will also mirror content I have written about Engine Heart, True20 and any other pen and paper RPGs that take my fancy here.

Video Links

Youtube, Odysee, wherever service I find them on. If I find it interesting enough to share and it is linkeable, I will throw links to interesting videos here.

HTML Links

Here are a few things on the Big Web I feel are worth sharing.

Gopher Links

While Gopher has been largely unchanging, it is essentially the inspiration for gemni. That and I think Gopher is interesting.


Tildeverse. Portal for a series of related services and communities ranging from Publix servers, an Internet radio station, irc server, ,ines, and other services.


Ctrl-C Gemini Portal

Ctrl-C Web presence

The Tilde community where I currently hang my hat.

The gemni and web presences are different, hence including both links.

While Gopher, web, and video links get their own subpages tucked away. For now i am putting the gemini links front and center. This list will change as I do my own crawling about gemini space.


Linux Gemlog


SDF Gemini

SDF is one of if not the oldest continually active public access unix server, with its services predating the world wide web and internet as we know it by several years. This is a portal to their presince on Gemini.


From the author: Parisian, not working as a developper but enjoying writing code during my scarce free time, I publish here various activities and notes in the hope that they can be useful to others!

Gemini Social Media and Aggrigators

Yes that apparently exists.


Discover New Gemini Capsules Daily.


Station's a social media like thihbfor Gemini: because of course that exists. Even when there are no client side scripts social media finds a way.


Reddit-Like(ish) for Gemini. Interactive link service (with comments)

Night City

Nightfall is a virtual city that lets you meet and interact with others through your Gemini or web feed. It promotes slow-paced, longer-form writing and engaging with one-another through quotes in blog posts. As a disclaimer: This site is listed there under the Main Street section.

Gemini Resources

kr1sp1n Gemini Resources

From the author: A collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem. Please contribute to this list to link to all the awesome gemini projects out there.

Circumlunar Spacer

Primary point of documentation and site owned by the guy who wrote the Gemini spec.

Flounder Online

Free gemini hosting with an internal proxy that lets any gemini page also show up as an https web page.


Gemini Search Engine.

Gemini News

Daily news feeds proxied to gemini.


US weather reports by zip code.


My Email