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This has come about largely as an attempt at keeping busy, and encourage writing. Honestly it feels somewhat wierd, since if one wishes to get to the point of it? Posting to any number of sites like archive of our own, wattpad, or even to social media like Facebook is incredibly easy. So, why do it this way?

Mostly, because why not?

Just to get this out of the way. This is a gemini first site and while Flounder does mirror content to HTTPS, I am writing these pages for Gemini, which should inform users on where my priorities lay.

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Welcome to how images are handled with Gemini. Click link, receive hamster. Simple, and to be honest? Not really adding a whole lot to things, so don't expect a lot of images here.

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Local Links

My Gemlog

Latest Update: 06.06.2021

Warframe Content and Commentary

As far as I am aware there is no warframe content on Gemini. I aim to fix that, even if it is mostly just a middle aged white guy yelling at clouds.


Now and then I try writing. I have been told I am reasonably good when I apply myself. Might as well have a home for that.


My ongoing attempt at making a d20 based RPG. I will also mirror content I have written about Engine Heart, True20 and any other pen and paper RPGs that take my fancy here.

Video Links

Youtube, Odysee, wherever. I will throw links to interesting videos here.

HTML Links

Here are a few things on the Big Web I feel are worth sharing.

Gopher Links

While Gopher has been largely unchanging, it is essentially the inspiration for gemni. That and I think Gopher is interesting.

Gemini Links

While Gopher, web, and video links get their own subpages tucked away. For now i am putting the gemini links front and center. This list will change as I do my own crawling about gemini space.


Station's a social media like thihbfor Gemini: because of course that exists. Even when there are no client side scripts social media finds a way.

Circumlunar Spacer

Primary point of documentation and site owned by the guy who wrote the Gemini spec.


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