Stories from the Dice Table

This is not in any sort of cronological order. More an instance of 'stories that feel like they go in an order.' This is both because i've forgotten a fair number of details, and while in general these things go from oldest to newest, some skipping around and or fudgign details is a bit inevetable.

Tabletop and Early Experiances

This is pretty much everything I can remember that involves the actual pen and paper material, starting from my older brother practicing GMing using me as a test dummy, on to me trying some theory crafting, world building, and failing to find a local group I have any real chance at gelling with.


My MUSHing Experiances

Let's just get this out of the way. me and the online worldo f MUSHing has... not gone well. I am a bit of a bad penny that's passed from place to place to place. While guilt doesn't fall on any one person, and some people have gotten away with far more than I feel they deserve. I am going to try not Naming Names. If you recognize the situations, names, etc? Just let it go with a chuckle. You've won. Unless i'm invited back I'm done with the hobby as a whole.

The MUSH Timeline.

So what happens now? hard to say really. I have my regrets. I also have a lack of time. Burned bridges and bruesed egoes and the like. In spite of it all? While I do not excuse anyone from their faults? I can wrap my head around why most people did what they did... mostly. LE is the one outlayer that I sorely wish to see drug out of hiding to answer 'why' on his part in things. most everyone else, from their view, could be justified, or just plain bonkers in the case of Mina.


Tabletop and Roleplay

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