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Shall We Play a Game?

Game Stories

Because the settings and fiction are only two parts of an RPG. Be it in person, online, or whatever, the real meat of it involves the other people at the table. I've been doing this for... well, most of my life, though pretty exclusively online. I have lots of stories to share.

Claws and Chrome

Me attempting to cook up a post humanity setting by way of 'you remember the lion king and those other cartoons with talking animals? What if that, plus robots?'

Engine Heart

A d6 based tabletop RPG based in a setting where humans are either extinct, missing, or otherwise not part of the normal day to day of what the player characters will encounter. Takes inspiration from Wall-E, Brave Little Toaster, and other works that follow little non-anthropamorphic machines about as they do their thing.


A setting I worked on about Thirteenish years ago for the True20 rules system (True20 had as it's core tennant everything boils down to rolling a single D20 against either a target number or against another single D20 dice roll with applied modifiers applied as needed.) As True20 had no 'default' setting, but the first edition core book had /a/ space setting... that I didn't really like, I figured try my hand. It is unfinished and frankly went nowhere, but it'd be a shame if there was no access to it in case anyone else wants a go. This is also when I discovered creative commons and so, it's creative commons, attribute, non commercial. You wanna use it and aren't making money? Go. Nuts. Just include relevant names in the credits.

Cosmic Inspiration Muse*Buster

Yes the star in the middle is supposed to be there.

Anyway this was an attempt at me sketching out a more 'anime' themed setting, then when things with Mahou Mush went sour I just sorta lost all want to do anything with it. If anyone wants to have a go? Give it a try.


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