Loghead's Absense Part 2

Or: I apparently am now in charge of the Ctrl-C Community Zine

As per my last post[1] Loghead has been, to put in gentle terms, Missing from IRC and the server in general. A few other users have poked about and confirmed Loghead basically torched his site and the zine archives. I've made an archive page[2] so back issues can be publicly accessed, but I had seen that as a mostly immediate emergancy measure til actionable information had cropped up.

(Un)Fortunately I'm not particularly happy with the results of this information.


[M2590] On 2023-08-17T17:03:34Z, loghead@ctrl-c.club replied.

don't be worried pg, singleton, et al., I just have to step away from the pubnix for a bit. A lot of things going on in life, and I felt the zine was becoming expected, and likely taken too seriously, when it was/is a fun thing to do for the sake of doing it. If people collaborate on a watercolor painting, no one should be demanding Rembrandt.

Past issues are there and people can do what they will with them (after all, I didn't add much to it in regards to content, I just compiled it), and can host/ distribute it as they wish (free, obviously - this isn't a thing for people to profit from).

I will not be releasing future issues, myself, but encourage anyone/everyone to continue on ^Z, or any zine by any name, and have fun with it.

I'll stop in the server sometimes, see what's going on, but things are going on| and I won't be online that much,

Stay well



In response to this I've made a standalone post that is a call for material for the next issue. That, however, isn't everything. I'm going to need to tinker with the zine page for the sake of bringing it up to a better standard for those wanting a more professional or at least less thrown together and or Boring look.


[346] On 2023-08-17T18:47:23Z, singletona082@ctrl-c.club posted.

Zine Stuff Post Loghead


Why: Loghead's decided to step back. I'm trying to fill in.

When: Submission Deadline August 31st

What: Art, Articles, Community Activities

Who: You guys!


As per Loghead's post in thread 343, it has been made clear that Loghead is going to be unavalible for awhile and has left the zine in community hands to live or die as we see fit.

While I have my disagreements with him on his exit as well as the blanking out of not just his page but the zine's page (seriously guys I'm glad several of you kept backups,) these are things I won't air out in public especially when it is effectivly kicking a man under extreme personal stress while he is down.

Instead, I want to focus on keeping the thing going.

Not everyone reads Iris. So might not be up to date with all the doings here and about including the web-jam.

I do want to have not just articles and art from you guys but also some noteable community events listed either ending or upcoming.

My problem is: 'Is there any interest?'

'Oh sure if you want' is a response I utterly despize because to me that is effectivly passing the buck back waiting to see if the person asking is going to do something only so 'you' can roast them alive for it.

This is a small zine for a smallish community so I don't want to triehard this, but I do want involvement otherwise it's just 'Here this random grognard is putting together Ego Papers' and why bother doing that?

I'm shooting for zine to go live September 1st, so will want any submissions in by August 31st.

Articles; Technical, Personal anticdotes, or even opinion. No politics. I will shoot down anything that looks like it is there just to try starting fights.

Art: Anything that isn't NSFW made by you guys. Digital, real, pixel, so long as it was made By You I'll find a place to put it.

Please keep it to one article and one art submission per User.

I definitely want a secontion for community bullitens and announcements, such as for the webpage jam, coder corner, or any other ongoing community participation shenanagins.

Submit To: Singletona082@gmail.com

Subject Line: Ctrol-C Zine Submission: [Name of Submission]

Most of you are codemonkies. This is your chance to show off for everyone else.

God help me I don't know what I'm doing.




I'm hopeful that this doens't open me up to legions of spam, but more to the point? I'm utterly terrified i'm going to run out of steam, or worse... interest will up and dissolve. Still, the effort has t obe made and I didn't see anyone else volunteering. Maybe i"m winding myself up too much. It's a community zine for a pubnix server, how hard can it be?

Though now that I think on it? Since I have say in how thigns go for the time being I am going to attempt one change.

In addition to printable PDF I am going to aim for offering .epub files for people to dump on their e-reader of choice. Not sure how well images are going t owork, but 'look we're a digital community. Why are we going wit ha format aimed at dead trees and ink that costs more than the cartrige's weight in gold?'


[1] My Thoughts on Loghead's Absense




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