My response to Loghead's Absense

Loghead is the guy that has been putting together and publishing Ctrl-C's community Zine[1] and I haven't seen him on IRC, my attempt at emailing him through the fastmail account last month's zine submissions were sent to gave a mail undeliverable error, and others have also noticed his absense. It may be that he has said something I simply wasn't paying attention to, as that is quite possible. However with his site down (having only a 'content coming soon' text blurb on a white background) and the zine's archives[2] similarly unreachable, I have decided to step in as best as I can on the matter.

I have posted this to iris, the in server text based forum, as well as a stated intent to step in if Loghead either does not show by the 25th of August, or if word reaches me that he has moved on from the project. Again, as with my posting to iris, I wish to make clear if Loghead does pop up I will step aside. This is not me trying to usurp his job

This means, in addition to getting my own article ready for September; trying to find other users willing to contribute content, getting cover art, learning how to make PDFs that aren't gargantuine sized, and try keeping an ear out in case Loghead either shows or difinitive word hits that he's stepped aside. Fine for a lot of people this might not be much, Ctrl-C isn't a huge community, but I do want to make sure the best content is avalible by our people for our people.

One way or another. The next issue will arrive September 1st.


[1] My Backup of Ctrl-C's Zine Archive

[2] Loghead's Zine Page



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