This is a collection of random stories, largely on the small side, that are mostly either dares, one offs, requests, or curiosities.

Cosmic Inspiration Muse Buster

This was actually a theme/setting document I wrote up when I had made a character for MahouMUSH (though given I had been booted out a month later I shouldn't have bothered. Long story.)


An incomplete attempt at writing something for my necromancer character. I got a couple chapters in and... for some reason I just stopped. Poof. I couldn't tell you why I stopped.

Robot City

A request from a long time friend that amounted to 'what would your take on MegaMan X be' and I was given the task of doing so while dropping one of her characters in as the viewpoint character. So this was me working with the concept of 'near human androids working with people in a near future setting.'

Wayward Son

Technically should go in the Golliath collection, but for some reason ended up here.

World of Wonder

This is a wierd one. This is the Totally Not Dungeons and Dragons tabletop session characters in one of my other settings were playing. It was fun to write but definitely an oddball concept.


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