My Fiction

Because now and again I give writing a try.

My thoughts on Writer's Block

Some thoughts I had at one point on the nature of Writer's Block, or at least the block I generally tend to suffer from. Mind you this was at a point when I had fairly high output and a schedule I tended to try keeping.

Mall Rats

An attempt at writing a supernatural modern, or maybe it's urban arcane? I'm not sure how these subgenres work. Point is group of highschool students are dealing with a dead mall that has more going on than just graffiti and missing copper.

Dungeon Corps

Dungeon Diving.... From the Dungeon's point of view.

Clean Sweep [In Progress]

A world starting with the simple question: 'What if you had a good hearted Necromancer.'

Blue Shadows

Twelve stories ranging from supernatural creatures verses victorian age mecha, to superheroes blogging about their lives. Each is it's own story, but at the same time connects to the others to form a larger world for the reader to explore.

Mars Needs Sprockets

Humanity is gone; dead, in space, or underground vaults nobody can say for sure. Granted most of what's left are the little service robots humanity used to depend on for drudge work and they're more concerned with finding power and parts than 'where did the creators go' but that's not much different than how most people acted when they were around.

This was how life went for one quiet little suburban neighborhood and would have kept going like that until a pod from Mars crash landed in their collective back yard. Finding parts isn't exclusive to hedge trimmers and children's toys it seems. The Martian colonies grow restless and want to start expanding; trouble is to do that they need parts, and for that they need earth.

Note: Creative Commons 4.0 Non-Commercial, Attribute, Share-Alice License.

Based off the Engine Heart RPG by Viral Games Publishing.

Goliath Collection

For a time I was on a steampunk bend, liked giant robots, and the Old West, so wrote a setting about a giant mech busting about the old west going on adventures in the service of a simi secret organization that might or might not answer to any government.

Mad Science

Another set of stories set in the same verse as something that showed up in Blue Shadows. Pretty much me taking inspiration from 'what if mad science existed in the modern day.' It was fun, but I ran out of steam.

Deep Six

I am... honestly not very happy with this one. I had fun writing it. There were moments I found enjoyable, but on the whole i leaned too hard on 'what normal people think of when they hear 'hacker' 'conspiricy' 'quantium' etc.' I'm mostly including it here for the sake of 'I wrote it, this isn't a small thing, here ya go.


Me trying to write something set in the 80's, both because I like computers of the era, and the 80's had the cold war, didn't have cellphones, and had malls. I am dissatisfied with this, but I don't regret writing it.

Everything Else

Not everything has to be a sprawling multipart epic. Sometimes all that can be found is a snippit of an idea. Sometimes the idea only really calls for a single story to run its course.


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