Mall Rats

An anarchist, a trust fund kid, the son of a right wing authoritarian, and twin children of the local mayor meet in a dead mall.

The part that's unbelievable isn't that the mall can speak and act, or that there are folklore creatures in the world. It's all these people and non people coming together and nobody is shouting.

This is my attempt at making something set in the here and now. It terrifies me to try, but I need to write and I've grown sick of fantasy, and scifi just isn't appealing to me at the minute.

This is going to start Thursday Feb 1st 2024.

Updates every Monday, Wensday, and Friday!


All the things I've either done before the drafting starts, or to get on paper the things that probably won't make it onto the finished work. I will expand and update these as inclination and time allow when new relevant material needs expanding on.


My attempt at outlining, in very rough detail, the shape of the story and a few of the major beats I want covered.


A brief look at the major characters I want covered, and by major i mean the perspective characters. There will be plenty that are important that will only get anywhere from a couple pages toa chapter. These are the ones i feel are core to the story.


Important Places in the story.


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