The initial concept came literally after watching net narrator do a reading of a HFY story on reddit about a guy that got isekai'd into being a dungeon followed shortly by me binging the eighty or hundred some odd chapters ahead of what NN did. the first few chapters were fairly easy; introduce the dungeon, ome supporting cast regulars, a few odds and ends sorts of finding its feet.

This arc has turned from me just me-to'ing a genre (Dungeon Core) into me memorializing a friend I lost right at about the start of covid, as well as excorcising the demons from perhaps the most toxic game group with literally the worst DM I'd ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

And yet, there was still positive there. Even at its worst there were still moments of genuine fun to be had and value that made me hang on, and even after I left the group I kept touch with Ishida, which is where we remained friends for the next decade.

I'm not a fan of spite writing 'raaah i hate this thing so I will burn it in effigy by portraying it as weak and stupid.' No. that's a toxic as hell attitude to have, and instead I wanted to find the good that was there and tell a story based around the group, how it fell apart, and how out of them I was basically the last man standing in spite of it all.


No shit, there I was...


Chapter Zero - Void

Chapter One - Respawn

Chapter Two - Delving

Chapter Three - Rennovations

Chapter Four - Open House

Chapter Five - Meet the Neighbors

Chapter Six - Pressure Cooker

Chapter Seven - The Man in the Arena

Chapter Eight - Yard Work

Chapter Nine - Blood and Bone

Chapter Ten - Cartogrophy

Chapter Eleven - Iteration

Chapter Twelve - Diplomacy

Chapter Thirteen - Templar

Chapter Fourteen - Kamio

Chapter Fifteen - Forge

Chapter Sixteen - The Net

Chapter Seventeen - Isekai

Chapter Eighteen - IMP

Chapter Nineteen - Expedition

Chapter Twenty - Kronos

Chapter Twenty One - Ami

Chapter Twenty Two - Dungeon Corps

Chapter Twenty Three - Interlude

Book Two - Expansion


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