Dungeon Corps

Status: First Draft Complete

Summary: The Great Evil was defeated, but not before it caused everything to start over again. This story follows an attempt by one of those adventurers attempting to come to terms with the way things now are, while also meeting old and new friends, and learning what it means to be a dungeon.

Latest Update: 2023-03-25

Chapter Twenty Four - Ali Kama Tewe (Together in Peace)

Table of Contents

Book One - Kronos

Book Two - Expansion


OK fine I'm taking inspiration from, read: Ripping Off, A Strange Opportunity/Dungeon Life by Khenal. I hold no affiliations with the guy. This does not take place in his world, though I am going to try keeping a few conventions similar. this is mostly me both trying to pick up the bones of a story I'd left dead for a few years, and needing to power through this sense that I have nothing to offer as a story.

Going to try making this a weekly thing on Reddit even if I have to make myself write, because I need to get to a schedule and stick to it rather than 'whenever inspiration hits,' because Inspiration is fickle and flighty and fucks off when you need it most. I have to remember that it's OK if it isn't 'perfect' and that perfect is the enemy of good enough. It only has to be good enough to be worth inclusion, while Perfect is impossible.

With the draft done, I'm going to set this one aside for awhile. I do have a few self contained pieces intended for this setting, but the story I wanted to tell is more or less told. the opening basically needs a gut and rewrite. I fell into the same trap everyone in the genre seems to of spending too long to get the ball rolling. Likewise once hte ball does start I need to get a better handle on several scenes I view as important that need laboration, as well as breaking up several chapters that have more than one view into multipul chapters, or rewrite for the sake of clarity.


Thing I took Inspiration From

A Strange Opprotunity / Dungeon Life

Net Narrator's ongoing reading of Dungeon Life


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