This was an attempt I had made at something close to cyberpunk but more modern day. Honestly I'm not incredibly happy with it as a story because i just invoked' quantium computing' as a way to sidestep the fact I honestly no nothing of how intrusion and the like works past 'oh hey you were an idot that opened a link that put a thing on your ysstem and now your harddrive is encrypted and if you don't pay a thousand dollars in bitcoin to this account Bad Thing happens.'

That said I did stick it out until the end and it is a somewhat longer piece i had written. So... congratulation I hate it....?

Deep Six

The main story. I actually wrote this while I was doing some contract work for Exosyphen Studios, though it wasn't 'for' them per se so much as i was hoping to include some bundled fiction in something... i dunno. It didn't pan out either way so i've kinda hung onto this.

Goodbye Internet

Companion piece I wrote after the fact wherei saw this weird article on BoingBoing (back before they were actually a mostly technology blog as opposed to overtly political) about this little gizmo that would connect to any nearby Gizmoes to get updates to itself. Siad gizmo had a sortof all in one bundle of personal social media page/microblog/fileshare/weather station/repeter node for other gizmoes. Given Gemini as a protocol is a response to the web's bloat and increasingly unfriendly nature as spying tool and commodification of its userbase, it has relevance to the medium I'm posting to.


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