For those in Canada the holiday has passed. For those in the US it has yet to happen. Either way it is a day of family, food, and for me it is a chance to reflect. To spare a lot of personal details I'm not in step with my family in a lot of ways. I'm disabled. My options in meat-space are few.

This is not me telling folk to be grateful because it can always be worse. I have always taken 'it can get worse' as threat. I am, instead, simply stating that I have been attempting to focus on things that I personally should be thankful for as counterbalance to all the wrong I see in the world and all the things I can do nothing about as otherwise I would be a jibbering angry mess. Well. More than I am already that is.

I won't pretend everything is OK and 'you just have to be thankful for the little things' when the world is burning. I'm not a hallmark movie and I'd want to punch me in the face if I tried. I'm just thankful places like this exist, especially in the face of an ever increasingly monetized and monitored web.

Even if I am not the most vocal part of the community, that it exists is enough.