Close of the Year


Well, here we are. At the start of the year I hadn’t really known I would be part of Ctrl-C. I joined purely because I was at loose ends with everything, tired of social media, tired of a lot of things. Mine is not a very vocal or active voice in the community. Yet I still have a seat at the table, for which I am very grateful.

What will next year bring?

Election season in the united states for one. I have opinions, but all I will say is whatever views you hold? Vote. Those that want to Rule rather than Represent encourage apathy. That ‘your vote does not matter’ mindset. They profit from that. So, no matter what side of issues you are on, get out there and not just vote in the big national elections, but get involved locally.

Probably more experimenting by the community here. I have several projects I want to get going both in terms of noveling, and on server. In Meatspace I intend on helping my stepdad build extensions to the barn. I’m sure everyone else has projects they want to do but either don’t think they can or don’t have the energy. Broken new years resolutions and all that.

There will be so much more for 2024 both good and bad. Yet at the heart of it all? Even if deep down you do not want to do anything but curl up and let the world pass. Move. Just a little. Just enough to keep from stalling out. Even if you think everything’s gone to pot and the world is going to burn. Get up anyway. Even if it’s out of spite, get up. Do something.

It’s why I decided Twitter wasn’t worth my time and I found my way here.

Apathy is how horrible happens.