Yet More Terminal Musings

Just more of me flaffing about either locally or on Ctrl-C. I like the terminal, I swear I do. My problem with it is like Gemini, i barely use the danged thing. I've gotten set in my ways and that's usually game, steam, email, check ctrl-c. I'm at a point in my life where I've hit a sort of comfort slump that I need to break from. I use 'slump' rather than 'zone' as describor because I view this as a bad thing.

Mind also keeps drifting to how simple the terminal is for doing things. Here are your commands. Everything is text. If you want to get ultra fansy it might even be ANSI.

Pretty sure I just re-invented in-server messaging on ctrl-c via dot file shennanagins. All because I found user submissions to the zine t obe lacking and figured it was because people didn't want to email me.

I need to force myself out of my comfort zone. i keep butting against ideas for things i've wanted to do for twenty years and haven't.

a text based faux terminal game that is primarily narritive based sounds fun.

Yet if i can't finish something that's for something even simpler to write for (twine) why should I expect to make any headway here?

Ah well. no sense beating myself up overly. Just. Keep moving.



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