IRSSI + tmux FTW

IRSSI = terminal based IRC client that is in most linux package repositories.

tmux = terminal multiplexer that allows you to keep a series of programs 'live' if your connection breaks if those programs are on a remote server

This is not a guide, more an observation. Therefor it won't go on the wall of tutorials I'm sharing. More an observation really. Given at the moment my connection is spotty due to using my phone as a wifi dongle to my computer whenever i take my phone with me my computer loses the internet, bumping me out of anything I was connected to.

I am a member of the ctrl-c tilde server, meaning I can SSH into their server and have a home directory there along with being able to access programs that are on server.

Ctrl-C has tmux installed. I'm still learning tmux, but it gives a useful ability here in addition to 'can have a terminal up and just swipe through programs as if they were tabs, thus allowing ye olden terminal to multi-task.' So. Start tmux, turn irssi on.

Tis was after copying my local machine's config directory for irssi over.

Lets me keep a 'live' IRC connection up even when I'm not locally connected. Amongst other things this lets me backscroll convrosations I wasn't there for, and leaves me avalible to DM. ll without tencent's watching all monotizing eye hoovering up data.

Suck it Discord.



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