Command Line Teething Troubles

This is mostly me trying to irion out kinks, and try troubleshooting what would be problems i know will be problems before the fun starts. I don't want anyone else from server to feel pressured, as this is supposed t obe fun and educational.

i3WM is going to take getting used to, but part of me wonders if it's even worth doing when what i have does what I want and I would have to put hands on mouse anyway for any non-terminal program. I've also seen where people have combined it with XFCE and this that and eight other things. This seems both interesting, and also very counter t othe idea of 'light weight' since by the time you're done you've bolted on so much stuff ram useage is back where you started. Haven't abandoned i3, but it was always at best an also-ran to the real show.

No, the real problem is Gmail isn't playing nice with mutt. Turns out at some point last year Google decided to disallow 'less secure' methods of entry. I am thin on the technical understanding but even with TLS and SSL in the version of mutt I have on my computer it keeps dumping 'login failed' at me. Something about OAuth wouldl et me log in but I have no clue, and it's frankly sounding like a hassle.

This and Gmail outright refusing test messages from my ctrl-c address is why the original title for the post would've been 'Google De-Federates Gmail from other Email Providers.' I didn't, because I don't know the whole story, don't want to be sensational, and I honestly feel kinda dumb right now.

Macro as replacement for nano feels great, even though I'm still figuring out if I should just bight the bullet and go full into neovim.

MC has mouse support in terminal, which is nice. Midnight Commander is one of those tools I remember from when I first dipped into linux via Vector (slackware based dist,) and it's still damned useful and will never die.

IRSSI is doing what i want.

Still need to 'properly' configure amfora, but it's been a nice client for gemini.

Testdriving web browsers still.

Email not playing nice annoys me greatly. It really does.



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