Reject Windows. Return to Linux.

My reasons for leaving linux-land in May were effectivly down to 'everything just went to pot when I tried poking about wit ha few too many things involving nvidia right when a fairly major update for Warframe hit and I just wanted things to work.'

Since then? I've found myself increasingly unhappy with how Windows gives only a global scaling option and no real built in global zoom.

Did you know that (at least starting with windows 95 if not earlier,) before Windows 8 Microsoft allowed the enduser to tweak just about every element of the UI? Taskbar too wide? Narrow it. Font too large for windows titles? Change it. Font not big enough for deskto pshortcuts? Scrollbars too wide? Sure there were limits and thigns ended up looking ugly if you did things badly but for someone like me with vision issues but stil with an amount of vision? That level of fine granularity was a Godsend.

Then Windows 8 happened and 'nope users are too stupid to be allowed to do any of that. We want only global scaling.' For me, especially post surgeries? That is an anti-feature I just kinda put up with for the sake of gaming.

What brought me Back to linux after roughly a month and change was my bluetooth headset. It kept connecting and going straight to either just voice, or 'connected' and nothing. Weird thing is I never had that problem under mint. Fine the itnerface isn't as good but when it connects it goes straight to giving me what I want. That and wifi kept acting weird from adaptors I knew were good. So, with nothing really to lose as I already had my major everything backed up, I took a digital flamethrower to my windows install.

Unfortunately getting everything at that 'what I want' phase is probably why Linux will always remain niche. Case in point, those wifi drivers. Turns out the actual adaptor is acting screwy rather than it being a software issue. My backup dedicated adaptor 'works' but is at near dialup speeds (OK in fairness no it's far nicer than dialup speeds, so like... ISDN speeds) and the dedicated bluetooth dongle is acting screwy.

So I'm using a cheapo phone I bought to have in pocket youtube, podcasts, and an e-reader seperate from my actual phone as a wifi dongle. Why do I have a second 'phone' with no data for all these things? I have special needs siblings so I don't want my actual phone to be taken up with all the battery hungry things that will keep it from being a phone.

I'm confident I can and will get all the everything else sorted out in time, or get hardware replacements. I'm just amused that a twenty buck 'phone' for a prepaid service i"m never going to bother activating it for can at this poitn double as a wifi thing for my now decade old computer I have zero intent or interest in getting rid of since it still works fine (though I probably should consider disassembly and replacing the thermal compound on things and maybe new fans and PSU.)

Is my return to linux this triumphant graceful slide into productivity nervana? Haaahahahaha No. It's a series of headaches and the knowledge that I'm going to have occasional 'things' pop up now and again, but by and large? 'Oh Hey. Home again.'



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