Wringing Project Ideas

This is purely me brain dumping the high concept level of several projects I don't want to get relegated to 'Eh maybe later,' or just swept aside. While I am aware that i have many shortfalls with writing, and i'm not looking to be published? I need to direct myself into something I can actually make progress in rather than just mope about being stuck in life.

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Wild Space Task Force Staranger

Credit to ChozoHuntress[1] for the brainstorming session.

I'm of the generation where I saw the original Power Rangers. Maybe i was a tad old? Ten? Elevenish when it first started? Point is I was at the age where the spandex rainbow squad made an impression. So? I mean why not try seeing if i can write the equivilant of a couple seasons worth of material? Each chapter being an episode. Twenty episodes a season. And see how it goes.

Constraints: This has to be original. Any callbacks or other nods have t obe either inferred hat tips, or workalikes. I have to treat this as something that is within the sentai genre, but its own thing.

In this instance; go Old West. Not historical old west, but a colony world where you have those old west vistas pepper ed here and there. Plains towns here, desert vistas there. Low population densities full of people who intentionally moved Out There specifically to get away from everything. Use the trappings to tell effectivly a kamen rider western.

Story follows five 'kids.' OK maybe late teens/early twenties would be more apt here, but i'm in my forties so to me that's still in 'kid' territory. Ranch hands, apprentices, kids that basically are 'supposed' to have very 'small' lives in wherever they're going to live, and they're being asked to step up into something bigger. They all *think* that's what they've wanted, to be more than the mundane. However through the hwole mess? The fights and specticle? All the everything that's the trappings? They learn that isn't all it's cracked up to be and learn a little more appreciation for home.

On the opposite sideo f things are a group that all come from varying backgrounds. One or two come from minority backgrounds so get pushed around, another few want 'out' of their lives but don't want to put the work in to do it honest, anda few are just plain mean. While a few of them will learn and maybe even step off the path they're on? The whole point is 'some people just want to watch the world burn' or 'some people just won't play nice no matter how hard you try making them.'

All of this revolving around finding some fabled thing. This 'Lost Star.' Could be a ship? Could be an oasis of plenty. Nobody knows and the legends kinda haze around the specifics.

I've had this story idea baking for a few years now in one form or another, and I mgiht even have that initial concept of 'aliens showing up and paying earth for the right to mine a few things so they can get on their way' as a historicla jumping off point for why there's FTL, colony worlds, etc.

The goal really is 'space-man western' but focus less on the specticle and try keeping the characters as focus. This[2] is very much the tone I want both for the visuals and sound.

Used KARR for Sale ... Sold!

This[3] is actually a thing that I'm technically at the midpoint on. OK so, Knight Rider, that show from the 80's that had the black talking car. This story follows the 'evil' version of that car forty years later with its processor and parts being sold in an auction to some random nobody and everything follows from there.

I've specifically floundered on the current part, because it's where things go from slice of life fun times to serious actiony Things Go Boom Times. I don't like writing injuries and pain and all that because it always feels overwrought, or like i'm glossing. Yet i kinda need to because it hits at a personal failing not just in writing but in how I interact with hte world.

I have vision issues, and i can't speak for anyone else with vision problems but i just kinda 'skim' a lot and hope I'm doing the right thing. Often it works out OK, but just as often I miss details and end up messing up. The whole point of this story is to try addressing this flaw in at least some capacity, because i need to learn how to convey detail without derailing the story. Just as i need to learn to better taking details and act i na timely manner.

This is also a story I want to rewrite at some point to divorce it from Knight Rider and make something original. Because how often are there looks at how disability and technology interact?

Clean Sweep

I make no apologies or excuses here. This One[4] has been sitting unfinished for literal years. Concept is simple and, frankly, done out of spite. See, back in 2004ish? Damn ...Twenty years... Anyway, I was on a private everquest server that had its own lore and all the areas were remixed so it wasn't just a straight ripoff of OG EverCrack. Anyway I had a necromancer there and at some point discussion happened, because lore, and 'OK why aren't there any not stupid not 'glory to death and pain and suffering' people learning these skills? Because i can think of a lot of interesting applications for just going 'yea no stuff just dies,' in a fantasy setting. Just think on how medically useful being able to go 'yea no the bacteria that would've gotten into that wound just up and dies' or 'oh hey put food in this box and it will NEVER spoil.'

The response from the literal guy in charge of the server and lore was to the effect of; 'Lol only the insane think necromancers can be anything other than evil.'

and so I took that personally.

This is actually the third or fourthish attempt at me writing this one. Every other attempt ahs felt pretty lacking. Either too derivitive, or not meaty enough, or like the central character is 'TOO' special. I actually like this one. I just ... stalled. This really needs to be picked back up.

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[1]Chozo Huntress's Ko-Fi and Art Comissions page

[2]Muse - Knights of Cydonia

[3] Used KARR for Sale ... Sold!

[4]Clean Sweep



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