Decking and Touching Grass

Short one here.

Building two decks with my stepdad. One for my folks, one for my niece. I say 'I'm building a deck' and really it's my stepdad building and i'm handing him things, lifting boards, etc etc.

Me and my stepdad don't get along. The man has no patiance. He will find fault with and try 'debating' anything and everything til everyone around him gives ground. I utterly Hate working with the man.

He is also very good at these kind of things and he wants to make sure what he builds is both structurally sound, and lasts. His complaints, often, have a form of logic to them where if you're able to follow his logic? Everything would make a form of sense.

I've worked with the man through seven hoomes, four barns, several sheds, four pools, many decks, and countless 'smaller' projects I've lost track of over the past thirty years. One would think, by this point, I'd have figured the man out to the point I don't have to ask him anything andi can just read the proverbial room.


And it is infuriating. Worse. It's embarassing. This isn't rocket science. Building a deck? WOrking on stuff for the house? That should be fun 'hey I get a chance to move and Do and then point and go 'I did that!'

Instead I'm at wits end and dreading each new task, both because I just know it's going to be more of the same, and I'm tired of feeling like any support or understanding I might have had? Is gone.

I'm forty. Not Fourteen.

So, yea. That's why I've been fairly quiet the past couple weeks. What's here is pretty well a very VERY TL;DR of what's gone on both because the blow by blow is boring, and frankly? Even what i've said feels like i"m dragging personal matters into public mud.

No I am not going to share work photos. Both my family and my niece aren't really enthusiastic about the whole photo sharing thing. You might get one or two of ours when it's done but, frankly? It's more the process than the end result.

If nothing else this whole everything has had me sweat off a belt notch's worth of weight. So, that's something I suppose.



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