Everything is Relative

Due to the transition from Flounder[1] to Ctrl-c[2] I had to redo every link on my capsule because I went and did a dumb and made every link an absolute instead of relative. In non-nerd terms this is bad because, well, what if suddenly the page has to change locations? Suddenly nothing knows where anything else is. Relative linking allows me to go 'OK from here either go up or down and look for This Thing.' Everything past 'up' or 'down' doesn't matter. Granted I'm sure people smarter than me can do fancier things, but I wanted to keep things simple both for here and for the web pages I've made[3].

Thing is? This all got me to thinking. Everything is relative from a human perspective. Child Me thought twenty bucks was a lot of money. Adult Me just saw thousands get spent on installing an above ground pool with hundreds more that will be spent to get the material to build a deck around said pool. I consider having a dozen friends and close associates to be many. Other people think having a thousand followers on [social media platform] is them doomed to obscurity. I could keep going, but I think those examples make my point.

'Everything is Relative,' and that's kinda awesome in how our minds just kind of adapt to 'well this is what is happening' as normal no matter what that 'thing' is (within certain bounds.)

[1]Flounder: Free Gemini Webhosting

[1]Flounder's Gemini presence

[2]Ctrl-C: A tilde/pubnix server.

[2]Ctrl-C's gemini presence

[3]My Web Page in all it's 90's glory!



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