Moving from Flounder to Ctrl-C

I'm genuinely surprised at how quickly I had decided to move from Flounder. This isn't because Flounder hasn't been meeting my needs so much as 'I get HOW much space from a tilde server!?'

Flounder gives 10 megabytes.

It is a server that is a hobby project by a guy that is just enthusiastic about the protocol. I genuinely recommend it for anyone wanting an easy to use entry point since, with filezilla or some other SFTP client, one has a free tinkerspace to try the waters with very low risk. Plus, the way flounder works allows anything posted there to also be accessable via normal web browser.

Ctrl-C gives 1 gigabyte.

Once the initial setup process of changing the temporary password out for a user password? If one wants to keep to web and gemini development? Interacting with Ctrl-C is literally the same. Use an SFTP client (such as filezilla) to upload files. No hard limits on file size, type, or amount of files here so long as you stay within your soft cap of a gigabyte. That said it's considered bad form to just... dump a lot of multi-media in. This is a shared server after all and users don't have to pay for their slot.

I do genuinely recommend Flounder to anyone out there. Theyv'e got their own mailing list, it's accessable via HTTPS and Gemini, and the guy that runs the place is fairly responsive to the userbase.

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