When Piracy is Justified

Youtube - Louis Rossman - Piracy is Justified

'Oh not connecting for three days is a total edge case.'

Me who lives rural andh as suffered outages of home ISP for several days at a go: Yea. Edge Case.

I was in middleschool when I first had dealings with the internet. Anyone remember juno mail? Email where you didn't even connect to the itnernet proper. Dial in, send mail, recieve mail, disconnect. It was free. You had to use their client and so got ads and spam mail, but it was honestly amazing.

Now the 'proper' way of thignsis to have devices that the service is telling you 'no we won't let yo udo that' for HD content, or even BASIC PLAYBACK like with linux and VuDu. Never mind Android is linux and i swear VuDu has an android app Noo it's not windows or mac so fuck you.

I have had points in my life where 'oh shit there is only x amount of money and y amount of bills. Which bil lgets dropped?' and Internet being the thing that drops.

I am a firm believer and proponent of 'fuck DRM. Fuck you trying to gatekeep. Fuck you DEMANDING I be online for content I bought. All you're doing is making a case for piracy.'

'But you only have to log in every-' I don't Care. I want to be able to take my hardware, and go fuckoff in the middle of nowhere if I damend well want. I don't want to have to come cap in hand going 'please sir I paid for this thing I wouldl ike to use it is that OK/'

No. fuck you. I bought it I should be able to wipe my ass with it if I want. Once I give you money what I do with it isn't your fucking business.



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