Did Trump Want the Presidency?

[Rennegade Cut] Did Trump Want the Presidency?

No, I don't think he wanted to be president. I think he wanted to have the clout that went with 'presidential candidate'

Keep in mind that until the election Trump and Hillary were friends. The 'Obama is from Kenya' schtick started with Hillary, that trump gleefully picked up and ran with so that she could run without the taint of a very blatant smear campaign on her hands. It only got 'adversarial' when he was running against her, and even then it wasn't her policy he argued against. it was the republican dog-whistle talking points 'But her emails.'

I think trump wanted to run. Lose. then have Hillary appoint him to a cabinet position where he could have that as a feather in his cap.

He's a man that's been floundering and his ego refuses to let him ever admit that he is anything less than the best. So while at one point he may have accepted an olive branch appointment from Hillary? Now. He can't accept anything other than a Dictator for Life.

He's run his entire life from creditors and scandals. He's run out of room TO run, not because I believe the investigations or hearings or whatever will actually lead to prosecution. the man is old and has led a slobbish and unfit life. It's only the medical care his money affords that has kept him alive this long.



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