Bike Plans

My biking hasn't really amounted to much. Keep the tires inflated, putter around as i can. Stay annoyed at the lack of bikeable locations. Early this year my shifting cable broke when I tried installing a new deraileur. So I have had to strip it down to a single speed, which... honestly has worked out fairly nicely for the time. I do want to put a deraileur on it though and go back to gears though since that does help with hills. The process doesn't seem too terribly bad, though I am afraid of messing up again, as I feel my attempt at swapping things out went poorly because of my own inexperiance.

More to the point, what I want is to just get a trainer stand. Nothing fancy. I have no room to set up inside to set up a fancy thing to do zwift or some other virtual ride along thing. Just a trainer stand where I can try working on cardio.

My brother id diabetic now, and my family has a history of heart problems. So I need to work on cardio. Before we moved to where we are I had gotten to wear 34's with myself on track for 32's, which I hadn't been able to wear since high school. Now i'm into 36's bordering on wearing 38's and I utterly Hate that.

I need to do better. My disgust at my own life and inability to have done better be damned. This is what I have to work with. I need to make changes moving forward.


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