Concerning Traffic Cameras vs Car Tracking

City Beautiful - How We Can Make Streets Safer NOW (But Don't)

I prefer the idea of speed governors in vehicles over cameras for one simple reason:

'What else is the camera recording?'

'Oh but you're not doing anything wrong so you shouldn't have anything to worry about, right?'

This kinda loops to the ElonJet thing on twitter. I'm fine with VEHICLES being tracked. that's the multi ton death machine that is a bomb on wheels if the fuel component (eitherfossil or lithium ion) goes Pop. Plus that thing being tracked means 'oh shit someone stole my very expensive thing I need to get around. Ooh GPS says it's in a warehouse somewhere.'

Make the tracker portion public and allow private indaviduals to be able to explitiely ping thier own vehicles. Keep this system SEPERATE from any system that drives or starts the vehicle. I would have a preference for that since Iwould rgue this is the one that will be gone after most often by theoretical attackers.

More to the point if someone turns it Off. I want it OFF, not 'teehee its actually tattling on your location but we arne't telling you that.' Until it isa mandated thing. It needs to be O F F at user request.

Even include perks for leaving it on. Little things like better insurance rates. Stuff that's non-disruptive to everyone around that user but would be materially nice.

Now. Yes that means your car can be tracked, but I prefer that to cameras that for all we the people out and about know, will be able to track YOU. Plug recognition software in that goes off of face, posture, walking cadence, etc and i na wide enough net of these things you can be tracked wherever you go.

'But you have nothing to hide, right?'

my response: 'Give me six words and i can make anyone a criminal'

I can always swap cars, take a train/bus, or bike. I can't not be me.



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