Granted I in general despized G4 ever since they ate TechTV/ZDTV and replaced most of the programming with shit. X-play was pretty good. Attack of the Show had the same set and time slot as TechGuys/Call Help but it had a more douchbag fake feel to it.

They reaped what they Sew. Fuck them. I'm sorry for everyone who was impacted, but the people up top had a chance to cut the cancer out, cut everyone else out instead.

'I survived!' Are you SURE about that lady?

For all the harm such will do to people who worked behind the camera? GOOD. Let it Die.

It paricetized and consumed tech TV with only a few, VERY FEW, worthwhile noteables (Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler on xplay being one of them.) I despize that network and am glad it is dead by the hands of one of its own. they can blame none but themselves.

But they will blame everyone BUT themselves.

This is the me from twenty years ago laughing in revenge. Fuck G4. Show me where the grave is so I can Piss on it.

Something for those that are reading this and scratching their heads. VG Cats (A Webcomic. Y'know, one of those thigns that was popular pre-youtube as game and culture commentary) did a couple comics on the matter.

Commentary on G4 Buying Tech TV.

Commentary on G4 Closing.

Note the copyright Dates: 2004, and 2012 respectivly. And you know what? VG Cats is still going and has been going this whole time.

That network was a piece of shit. Frosk Herself needs to learn that lipping off to your audiance isn't going t oaccomplish anything but resentment and hostility. The male coworkers didn't get shit on nearly as bad as she did because she made a point to be the 'face of a movement.' You can't do that and not take the brunt of any backlash.

Mind you in principle the idea of women being treated better is a positive one. I want my niece to have a better life than I had, or that my mothe rhas, but at the same time? The lady effectivly threw her coworkers under a bus and had the almighty GAL to go 'I Survived.'

Let's see how well you swim Frosk. Le'ts see who will hire you.

This 'Blame the audiance, accuse them of sexism and of being russian bots or basement dwelling manbabies' hasn't worked for hollywood since it got play with the Ghostbusters Reboot. it's not getting play Now.

G4 is dead and I want to throw a party.

If you want to have words with me? Correct me of whatever delusions I might have over Frosk, or tell me how much G4 eant to you? Hey I'm right here. Wouldn't be the first time I've been put through the wringer.



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