The Slow Lane

This is partially due to lack of means, partially due to disability, but as I reflect on such I find it is mostly an utter disinterest. Oh sure I wouldl ove the occasional going out to see this or that festivity going on, or try going to a given community event, but honestly? I'm at a point in my life where i mostly want to be left alone.

Then again what have i to talk about since i haven't the money to blow on whatever innane convention, hobby, or whathaveyou? I've got a thousand bucks (give or take) bound up in my teeth so far, another eight hundred and change is going to be spent in a couple days, andi t's going to get into the thousands per trip after that. All because I just... let everything go and stopped caring.

Turns out mouth-bones are incredibly difficult and expensive to work on. I shouldn't have let that get out of hand, and so. Here we are.

This has put a rather massive damper on a lot of everything else. Granted there's ALWAYS an expense. Always. So it isn't like I could go 'oh if I hand't done this I'd have thousands to spend.' Nah doesn't work that way. Those thousands would have gone elsewhere. Just a cold hard fact of life.

Truth is I havne't really browsed Gemini in spite of loving the idea because I feel like a stranger here. I look back on the me of twenty five years ago and... I just can't seem to muster that same wanderlust I had then when it comes to finding online content and browsing. Don't get me wrong I love that this protocol exists. It's wonderfully simple, andI can see it being the basis for a lot of fun projects. Yet I feel a sense of disappointment i keep consistantly reaching for chrome instead of lagrange.

Mostly because Gemini's text first one request one response method suits mobilevery well, and low power even better. Yet I feel like I can't find anything.

Then there's my bike. It's almost two years old. barely used for more than short hops for a lot of reasons. Now wanting to get one of those trainer stands for it to turn it into an excersize bike when not in use. Afraid that thing will also just sit and gather dust. Hell. Afraid most things i try will just... fail.

Which has lead to a lot of nothing going on.

AndI can't manage the energy to Try.

Maybe thats why I like the slow lane these days. I haven't the energy for Fast.



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