Going to be blunt. It is a word that has lost all meaning. Oh sure you can look up a defenition, but at this point? You're most likely going to hear 'the left's agenda' or 'the right's agenda' or 'every film now has an agenda why can't it just tell a story?'

Movies have always ad an 'agenda' to them. Ben Hurr? Do you think a studio just felt like spending an ungodly amount of money for the day to tell a story? Hell No they wanted to make money. Think Gone with the Wind 'just wanted to tell a story'? Noooope. Even if it's 'just' making money, that is an agenda.

I am from the 80's. You had includes of women in more action-y roles rather than just being the shrieking 'reward/motive' for the hero. You had the odd include of disabled characters (Chip from transformers being the example that comes to mind,) far more colored persons than in a 'real' depiction of a given situation. That sort of thing. On reflection the sort of thing that would have marketing teams shrieking to high heavens how progressive they are plz praise, and in reaction have people coming out of the woodworks at how 'movies should just be about entertainment.'

The whole shouting match is stupid and we're collectivly idiots for falling for the bait. They *want* us to come in shrieking at how it's popular to fan bash so they can take the theoretical high ground by pointing at 'representation' or whatever buzzword of the moment. It's the old magician's trick.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Enjoy your two minutes of hate.

Care about color, creed, partner, not the hands patting you down for money.

How dare the peasants not thank us for all we have done for them.

How dare they not work themselves past the bone for us.

I am tired.

I am also angry.

Doing will hurt people.

Not doing will hurt many more.



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