3D Movie Maker Forever

Yes I'm several months late, but it only really grabbed my attention now.

GitHub's project spotlight (linked to timestamped portion of video.)

Retrospective for 3D Movie Maker

This literally happened because a guy on twitter asked microsoft to open the source code. It's a little more complicated than that since the rightsholder for the renderer also had to open source that as well, but it happened in perhpas one of the coolest uses of social media.

'Bet you won't do the thing!'

'Watch me! Imma doing the thing!'


Judging by the, as of time of this post, 0.1 release number there is a long way to go here.

I am glad they want to have at least a mode where you have the original constraints and can backport to the original application. I'm hopeful for a '3dmm plus' iteration that keeps to the same sort of chunky software rendering aesthetic, but integrates nicities like camera controls (because currently you have to do that one frame at a time,) integrated model importing, exporting to video files (no the original didn't let you do that you had to record the screen,) and other iterative nicities.

Twitter post explaining v3dmm's contributions to 3d Movie Maker.

Yes Source Film Maker and MMD are objectivly better, give higher quality results, and all manner of stuff that are. Put bluntly. Actually Useful.

However there is a sort of charm to the ps1-esque material that gets pumped out that are essentially glorified surrealist shitposts.

3dmm community hub I keep seeing refrenced while googling about.

I have no memories or nostalgia for this piece of software. It wasn't a thing on our school machines in spite of I'm wanting to say us having everything from the surrounding packs installed. I only learned about it in the mid 2000's and sorta futzed about with it before giving up. Yet I could see why there was such a diehard loyal community. As the original program stood I could see the potential, but the lack of camera controls, and my inability to get the sort of props I wanted just sorta turned me off on any real deeper learning, though I am happy that a mod/plugin/thing exists so that higher quality audio can be imported in.

Especially since Foone seems to have importing to linux as a priority I can definitely see myself using a hypothetical 'plus' edition to 3dmmForever whenever that hits. No I don't think I'd be able to do the sort of movie I have stuck in my head, but a set of visuals for youtube shenannagins and the like? That seems quite up my speed.

I leave you all with this masterpiece. The true pinnical of filmography.

Steamed Hams but it's Animated in Microsoft 3D Movie Maker



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