A Star Wars Shaped Box

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World Class Bullshitter's take on Star Wars Galactic Cruise

'We are surprised our shitty cosplay bullshit themed hotel that requires folks to plonk down a stupid amount of money in a time where everyone is stretched thin financially in a time when noone is traveling failed.'

....how and why do we look to these people like they're smart?

Fuck me I'm a star wars fan and hate the whole LARP concept but would love a lower key hotel that has like the staff in 'inspired by' uniforms, a collection of movie props on display, etc etc in a place that is tastefully themed after differing motifs.

The whole 'here you will spend bullshit amounts of money for an enforced LARP experience with people who genuinely give no fucks and are doing so at gunpoint with their paychecks on the line' does... NOT sound fun. Factor in a bunch of sweaty assed motherfuckers I don't know who are WAY too enthusiastic?




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