First Week of 2022

Just needing to get in shape. Tired of getting short of breath. Maybe it's covid related. Maybe it's just lack in activity. Either way. It's annoying and worse, it's interfering with the ability to get things done.'

Also, attempts at truing my bicycle's rear wheel have been.... at best, EH.... The combination of rim brakes, a 27.5x1.75 wheel measurement and rim brake surface.... makes finding a replacement difficult and I don't know if that's related to the supply chain issues or not.

Also it would seem that trying to organize things by year have introduced a new wrinkle, and then there's just.... Me trying to wrap my own head around the fact I'm having trouble coming up with content I feel is wort hsharing, because honestly... who gives a shit? Yet at the same tiem I don't want Gemini to fall into a self referrencial thing where all anyone talks about is Gemini.'

I see complaints that the web is not what it is was and that it is all corporate and artificial dominated by hollow persuits.

Hell that's why I'm here. yet I'm barely on Gemini asa consumer of content.



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