Retro Technology

Some links to give context:

[Hackaday] Installing Linux like it's 1989

[OldComputers] Apple IIGS

[turdinc] HackTV - Hacking your WebTV

[Hackaday] VGA From Scratch

Retro Computing Forum

[youtube] MichaelMJD

Now that I have given links to differing things that are either restorations, installing new software for addedfunctionality, or adding hardware to do things with the old I suppose I should answer the question 'why?'.

That isn't to say that I wouldn't sya no to a brand new bells and whistles included desktop, NAS, Etc Etc. I do not do without either ,there are many people less fortunate than me not just in the world but just in the place that I live. However Money is an object and between three surgeries, a dozen or so doctors appointments with more over time, along with home rennovations and other attendant expenses? I will make what I have work.

Which gives me an appreciation for people who keep the old machines alive, even if only as historical curiosities rather than practical use devices.



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