Xeno Reformation

Elizabeth, dark skinned and lycanthropic assistaint to a small service catering to restoring all those old atomic and clockwork powered war machines used in days long gone. She was of slim build but strong enough to easily carry an overly large piece to something that probably wieghed a good third of a ton.

"Just put that over here." Large intimidating robot looking robot spoke with a calm voice. Forben was directing Elizabeth as well as several dozen different machines in the hanger clustering around what could only be a UFO of some sort.

Elizabeth grunted at Forben and glanced over at the thing they were tasked with rebuilding. "I don't care if we're repurposing it for human use. I still say this is an extreamly bad idea."

Three serpentine jointed legs sprouted out from under a central body where other appendages, none posessing recognizable joints, hung limp. Elizabeth didn't know where it had come from but wit hthe difficulty in getting the strange and unusual through customs in the modern age it was a safe bet that it was either a local find, or an unusual number of favors had been called in from either Britan or Russia.

The whole thing made her skin crawl. Tripods, things that had nearly toppled the British empire and if what few surviving accounts from the time point to invasions in America, Russia, and even a tenetive sighting in the Austrailian Outback. There'd been a huge revival in interest since most of the technology, if not the materials used and way they were built, were mostly duplicated by Earth sciences.

"Right." She sat the heavy piece of kit down, something taken from one of Ivo Russomethingorothernik's conversion chambers. Vile technology used to revive Alien weapons for a customer she didn't know and had no reason to trust. Still, Julian had morals, and more than enough firepower to put down any would-be world conquerers that had tried using him as a supplier.

Forbin grunted but said nothingat Elizabeht's obvious discomfort. Either their employer would fill them in, or he wouldn't. Their's wasn't to ask why... Actually that's a poor quote to use since that mentallity didn't exactly work wonders for the Light Brigade.