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Links are a dime a dozen. The web is so huge IPv4 is starting to run out of space, if it hasn't already. What I am sharing is only a bare minamum of things out there. This is just a list of things I want to share.

Raspberry Pi Tutorials.

Official Raspberry Pi Forums

Automated Wifi Client/Hotspot swapping

Automated Wifi Client/Hotspot swapping

How to set up a gopher server

Setting up a DLNA server

DIY and Archiving

Internet Archive



TextFiles, courtasy of Jason Scott


Lots of artists out there who feel they have stories to tell, or simply are trying to improve as artists. My tastes vary and shift over the years. So here is a sampling of what I enjoy reading from time to time.


A Furry comic that has a very amazing amount of world building, an adhearance to a roughly PG rating, and has been consistantly going for almost twenty years. On that merit alone it earns a spot here, the fact it is quite entertaining is, to me, a bonus.

Girl Genius

Steampunk! Science! Romance! Adventure! MADNESS! Another comic that has been a long runner. Focuses on the stories of one Agetha Hetrodyne as she learns about an alternitive eastern europe in a world populated by mad geniuses and innovators called 'Sparks' that both make incredible leaps of innovation, and are almost universally egomaniacs.


Half Human, Half Ghost, All adorable... in her own spooky way.


In it's own words and description: A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language. Updates daily.


Good Art, and an interesting take on superheroes with just enough winks and nods at comic tropes to be interesting without going to meme-deadpool levels of stupid.

The Tale of Ensign Mary Sue

The story of Ensign Mary Sue and her journey of self discovery and becoming a well rounded character. Deeply funny, and quite thoroughly finished.

Ensign Mary Sue Must Die

Ensign Two: The Wrath of Sue

Ens3gn: Crisis of Infinite Sues

The TV Tropes Page