Videos I Like

WHether it's whole channels, a specific series of videos, or just diamonds in the rough it's going here.




One channel out of many that PBS Studeos runs and posts from. This one is simply a generalist 'new in science' channel. I encourage a look through their other channels and their crash course series as they cover a wide and varied number of subjects. Only listing SciShow here since otherwise PBS would get their own directory.


While not as prominant as it used to be, this chanel has a lot of thought provoking, insightful, and interesting videos that would have fit well with PBS's content once upon a time.

Atlas Pro

Geography focused, but uses geography to go into the weeds over border issues, explaining where food and animals originate from, and even the geography of other planets.

Alternate History Hub

While it uses MS Paint esque stick figures, Cody goes into a whole lot of scenerios and explains why (in his opinion) things would or wouldn't work. Occasionally goes into fanciful but does what he can to point out what basis any of his thought processes have.

Minute Earth

Like Alternate History Hub, this channel uses simple graphics as a narrator explains. Unlike AltHist they use hand drawn stickfigures. All videos are short, and to the point.

Parallax Nick

Space Centric but sticks firmly to what is known, with history thrown in for good measure.

Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur, however, takes a more fanciful approach. Typically peppers his videos with explainers as well as a healthy dose of humor, but everything he goes into, outside of very rare instnaces where he puts heavy disclaimers to note these instances, everything he goes into is theoretically possible or at least not expressly disallowed by physics. This guy thinks Big. How Big? Turning whole galaxies into steerable spacecraft as way to gather more material from the local cluster to horde for artificial black holes so humanitys's successors can survive into the black hole epoch and see the last tick of eternity's clock. It isn't all grand gargantuine 'physics doens't say no but it is excessivly unlikely.' He has gone into more mundane colonization efforts, climate change mitigation, post humanism, and the role of AI should have in the future.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Uses slick duck based animation with many easter eggs and background details while going over, in a nutshell, a wide variety of matters. They cite soruces and list any relevant papers in their video descriptions and are careful to note that they have their own biases in spite of best efforts.

Electronics and Retro Technology

Adrian's Digital Basement

Focused on old hardware, the repair, and mantinance of, as well as a healthy dose of education about these pieces of technology.

Technology Connections

History and trivia about technology, with a s focus on the history of but often also going into the foibles and folly of modern systems.

Lazy Game Reviews

Tends to focus on gaming and retro computer related technology. Has videos on building old systems, odd and wierd hardware, stories of noteworthy technology and software companies, and has been going on and on since the early days of youtube.

ETA Prime

A gaming hardware focused channel that focuses more on single board computers such as the raspberry pi, handhelds, and 'lower end' hardware for emulation and cost effective gaming.

Retro Recipes

More polished than Adrian's digital Basement, but goes into retro hardware and interests. Very nice presentation with just a dash of humor.

Nostalgia Nerd

As with several other channels retro hardware and software focused, but with a slant towards the british and european side of things, which I find facinating.

Gaming Historian

A man with actual historian credentials and education that has turned that towards documenting and shining a spotlight on Gaming's past

Retro Ahoy

Uses slick slides and vector based art and well made music as specifics on noteworthy gaming franchises, companies, and features are lain out for our entertainment.


All of these fall under my interest in cycling. I am not particularly good at this and 'only' own a walmart bike that is meant more for paved paths than hills and trails, but it's mine and it helps with fitness. These guys have helped keep me interested in spite of my own limits.

Not Just Bikes

Between poor vision and the facts one eye is drasticly worse than the other along with my better eye's retina having an angle? I have never been able to drive. So this man both discussing the problems of current north american city infrasturcture and mythic neighborhoods elsewhere in the world where you can walk or bike and have easily accessable destinations without being utterly terrified of being seen as something to hit for twenty points in the next Death Race? Yes please.


This is The Guy that made me want to give cycling another try after twenty years in spite of my bad vision. He showed just how much you can get out of a walmart bike without making any bones about the fact most of these bikes have their limits and even after upgrades those limits need to be respected.

Berm Peak

This channel used to be known as Seth's Bike Hacks back in the day and was all about super sketchy features, questionable practices, and having a grand time. Now? the guy has built a biking centric AirBnB property, moved out into the country and is turning his property into a private bike park, is raising awarness of and overseeing an actual community owned bike park.... and is still all about sketchy features and questionable practices. Has a companion channel 'berm peak express' that goes into adjacent and or bite sized content.

Sam Pilgrim

Free Bike challnge videos where dude takes a free/cheap bike and basically torture tests it for our (and hopefully his) amusement.

Backyard Trail Builds

Like Seth this guy will build features for his own use and amusement. I started watching at a point where he built things out of harvested wood rather than bought lumber. Given wood prices during the pandemic and beyond, this attracted my interests.