Hello World!

I hate flailing around and not having any idea what I'm doing.

The unfortunate truth is, that is kinda how progress is made. Fine fine, research goes a long way to minimalize the flailing about. However there will always be that little bit of 'it didn't work, why?' or, perhaps worse, 'It worked... Why?' Flailing about leads to wasted time, effort, and potentially mistakes that need cleaning up once you realize they are mistakes.

Ah well, Can't be helped I suppose. Learned to not trust the gopher server 'highly recommended' from the microsoft store, most gopher proxies just kinda flail about ando r shrug when it comes to automatic line breaks, and I still have spelling and punctuation issues in spite of best efforts Also I keep accidentilly hitting the file menu in wordgrinder, which is a touch distracting.

Nothing ventured, Nothing gained. Small venture for small gains. Gopher is, frankly, ugly and clunky. However it is also fast and lightweight. This entire server represents rounding errors in bandwidth useage. It's easy to update now that I have some idea of what i'm doing. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, it is motivation to try doing something that is in the ballpark of productivity.

Now that I have hosting figured out? I dunno. Try figuring out what to dowith the ruddy thing. There are the Fiction and RPG subfolders staring depressingly empty of new content that needs filling.