On the bright side the raspberry pi serving as both media-share, gopher/ftp server, and personal tinkerbox now has a web interface. This will be exceedingly helpful if I suddenly have wider internet connectivity issues. However the following issues exist in its current form.:

The biggest flaw of this? There is no automated swapover if a connection can't be found. Pretty much boiling down to the fact that if the router goes away without time to relaunch the access point, there is no external connection to the pi. 'But dude,' I hear the hypothetical objection say, 'Why not leave the access point up?' See the above isue of potential lag and hiccups. I suspect part of it has to do with the router itself, but at the same time? I can't be absolutely sure. Which leads to 'keep the access point turned off unless I have to turn it on.'

Updating phlog and or adding to the pile of fiction can be done, though in a somewhat roundabout manner even if I can't sort out the termius glitching. All this assumes my tablet will be the primary interface, but ftp works. Jotterpad saves local content as text files. So use FTP to dump those text files into relevant gopher directories, and transfer gophermap to jotterpad's working directory to edit that and replace old with the new. Bit of a duct tape and bailing wire solution, but this level of simplicity along with the laughably low bandwidth requirements are why I wanted to prod at gopher in the first place. So there is that going for me.

On the plus side, I can install a capture portal for anyone connecting to the AP. This gives potential down the road. Will have to look into what it would take to have my pi's web server also serve up the gopher content up for those that don't want to bother with a client..