No videos or links. Just some things high up on the wish list.

Trump had a few right ideas, even if I think they were for the wrong reasons. So credit where it is due?

His ban on lobbiests or other influencers from the prior administration for five years. Is good? He hasn't made it happen, but it needs to happen. Help keep goons from one administration sandbagging the next guy. If one administration wants to continue a policy from the prior? OK, shouldn't require goons from the last office to stick around for that to happen.

Congressional term limits. Senators already have six year tems. I think reprsenetives have two year terms. Either way I would limit the senate to two terms (max of twelve years) and the house either four terms or eight years in office. Get career politicians out. The biggest problem is how to have congrss limit their own power. Maybe a one time payout at the end of it rather than lifetime stipends as there would then be more ex congrescritters. Point is we need term limits in congrss.

As much as I loathe the fact Republicans spent over a year keeping obama from appointing a chief justice then rammed in two of their own candidates? I am a firm believer that supreme court justices should be lifetime appointments. To have term limits on that branch go me invite worse than even my pessimism for how things go with a stacked court.

Take a look at the healthcare system. While I would be tempted to point to Canada or britain and go 'see that? Steal it.' we need to get these companies out of congress otherwise we have aca all over again where one party introduces thing,the other brands it evil regardless of source, and blue cross rewrites it to be horrible. Medicine should not be for profit as that is what we have now where people don't get the preemptive care they need,or have to get a doctor to ok insurance paying for a prescription they already wrote, or for a drug costing thousands of bucks a bottle before insurance 'negociats' the price down. I am a firm believer if you get preventative care, similar to a car getting regular tuneups, you avoid worse down the road, which keeps people actually working. It also has people not afraid a single medical problem will bankrupt them so will actually go to a doctor.

Like with medical costs a good long hard look needs to be done to collages and university fees, and more to the point costs for books and material? Because it is scummy when yearly editions pop up that can't be used because the pages got reshuffled, are invalid because rmoveqble pages, and ar written by your professor all while costing two hundred bucks a pop. That is highway robbery on top of regular tuition fees. Also those scientific calculators? Same design for the past thirty years.... Same price too. Something has to be done about all this price gouging due to a captive audience.

And we need to open up more trade schools, because not everyone is collage material. More trade schools so more industry opens here in America. We may not be able to do everything, but we need more done domestically

Can we all agree at least these things need doing?