To BBS or not to BBS?

Now that the basics are up and going *ftp, wordgrinder, the web innterfacea goher server, etc) are up and running time to look and see what else to do. The sensable thing would be to just chip away at what I have, take advantage of the fact I seem to have a nice base to build off of. Currently I have an alphasmart plugged in and a tablet held in place by a small loop of electrical tape so I have a screen in plac as I type into wordgrinder via termius. Frankly I should invest in a tablet stand and a less clunky keybaord. I am just doing it this way because I have this, and while the alphasmart's screen is, frankly, both too small and in a bad position for my poor eyesight? a stand and keyboard approach may hhelp especially now that I have a reason to bother.

On to the title question though. Should I add a BBS to this? I am not a very social person. I don't get along with many folk and I end up getting into arguments. Plus there is the fact that as of right now i am using noip to self-host. Who would i talk to? Yet the idea of digging at this older part of the web that sorta passed before I really got along.

Looking back I find it wierd that I shunned plain text enviroments in school. I lept whole hog onto graphical enviroments. That, on reflection, is wierd. The folly of outh from the perspective of a fool entering mid-life.

The most concerning thing is, assuming i went to mystic BBS, or even tried Evennia out? the web gui, naturally, has a webserver running. So will these new things cause conflicts? Mystic has a gopher server and I already am running pygopherd. No rush I suppose.

Late night waffling....