My Thoughts on Gun Control in America

What inspired this post is me watching John Stewert interview a congresscritter. In this interview the man, with a straight face, argued that voter registration was good and proper but how Dare anyone even breath the suggestion of making gun ownership require registration. This man argued that the deaths from gun violence is acceptable. 'not even a precentage point' is what I think he was wanting to argue. That 'Not even a percentage point' is cold comfort to the families, friends, and loved ones of those people who aren't here anymore.

Interview with Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm | The Problem with Jon Stewart

'the government has a responsibility to protect-'

'what is the leading cause of death amongst children. I'll give you a hint it is not drag show readings.'

The republicans won't care, but fuck's sake journalists HAVE to put their nuts in a vice and have that be EXPECTED when media rolls up to a politician instead of being an extension fo their PR aparatus. Republicans aren't the only ones that need this. Joe Biden needs to get flogged in ink daily over how he stabbed the rail unions in the back.

Personally, I think the second amendment should be repealed, but that won't happen so I'll take registration and compulsory certification and licensing requirements for anyone who wants to own anything more modern than a muzzleloader.

And that's mostly because muzzle loaders were the guns of the day when the founding fathers wrote that amendment and more importantly. most people aren't going to bother with muzzleloaders if they want to just run out and buy a gun.

Those guns are honestly comparatively dirt simple and you can theoretically roll your own powder and rounds if it really came down to using it for hunting (though I advise against making your own powder unless you ABSOFUCKINGLUTLY know what you're doing.) This isn't 'i hate guns.' This is 'we clearly cannot have nice things because we aren't collectively responsible enough to keep them.'

I genuinely have a deep and abiding facination with a few specific models of handgun, but i am aware enough i lack the training to responsibly use one and i have anger issues. So i wouldn't want someone like me to have a gun anyway.



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