They thought the post was pointless, and that guard duty had been punishment for some infraction that they had performed. Because they viewed their task as a burden rather than a duty they were lax with procedure and uncaring about those that came and went during their shift. While it might have been true that their placement had been a punishment they had gravely undervalued the importance of where they had been stationed.

When it approached them it wore a bland and somewhat forgettable face. They paid it no mind as it approached until it had been too late to do anything. It didn't need to kill them. That would have been more of a mess than it had time to deal with. instead once it had incapacitated both men with darts filled with narcotics it drug the bodies to the nearest restroom and left them bound and gagged by shredded pieces of their uniforms.

The next hurdle it encountered was a receptionist armed only with knowledge of who normally came and went as well as the feeling that her job had been important enough to stay sharp and on task. It wore a familiar face when she saw it approach. It smiled and answered her questions, showed an id that matched that face, and had its left hand and right eye examined by machines tasked with telling which people were allowed where. Though it passed all of these tests the receptionist hadn't been convinced and, after it continued onward to its objective, she called her superior to voice her concerns with their latest visitor.

Unfortunately for the intruder procedure also had wiggle room for people who had such feelings about visitors. As a result of this woman's unease the next barrier between it and its objective had men with needles and probes. Though it had been prepared with blood and hair samples they made their checks with little warning and not enough time to place these faked items where they would have helped.

While it waited, it remained outwardly calm and unconcerned. it lacked fear, anger, worry, or any other emotion that would have flitted through any human mind in those tense moments before its carefully lain plans were to be dropped. However, even without emotion, it was advanced enough to understand that it would need to alter its plans to include the alarms and darts, audible and otherwise that rang through the outpost it had targeted.

Moments after the alarms rang it moved. Men barred its way, but were incapacitated with the same sort of darts that had been used on the other guards. it continued onward, not even slowed by the men with pistols that fired on it. These it chose to ignore. They weren't in its way and they weren't able to penetrate its shroud. The man it had come for had been close. He waited, patiently while he made notes of the intrusion and smiled. His assassin tore open the door.

Well done Legion.


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