A Brief Interruption

Hello out there. As of this time you are reading what will be the sixth version (bless you Smashwords for giving people access to prior versions.) And if you got it from somewhere else? Well unless it's either the hardback version from Amazon or one of Smashwords's partners then I will be annoyed since while I have no problems with people giving this thing out, sharing it, remixing it, post whole sections explaining at length why they do or don't like things as written, I don't like the idea of people making money off of me and not getting at least some cut.

I am no Cory Doctorow, and I probably shouldn't try to be like the guy. However he has a philosophy about books and what You the People can do with them I rather like. As mentioned in the legal section nobody likely reads I've licensed this under a Creative Commons License. What's this all about?

Well to be blunt it's a framework that lays out in corporate legal speak that I, the copyright holder, am explicitly granting a few rights to You the Consumer. However while we're here I might s well put it in plain english.


Remix this content.

Share with other people.

Sample to your hearts content.

The one thing I ask in return is you don't go behind my back trying to make money off the venture. I'd like to think i'm a very reasonable guy so if you want to make a comic to sell, or translate into a foreign language or make a series of short films or... Well whatever use comes to mind and you'd like to try making a buck I'm more than likely going to be up for talking terms.

Unfortunately due to the economy, bills, and all the other unpleasant things in life im broke. Writing gets you nowhere unless your last name is King, Kingsbury, Graphton, Gresham, or are a celebrity in some other field and wrote a book. So I'm going to ask that if anyone feels like throwing a dollar or two my way and they haven't already purchased a copy.

Donate to charity. Give to your local library. Donate to the Office of Letters and Light (the guys that run NaNoWriMo.)

Now, that done and said, on with the actual entertaining stuff!


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