07 Ask A Necromancer

Author's Note:

This is, as of the minute, the next chapter at the end of the in progress material. It is not the actual 'next chapter' for the primary clean sweep story. This is just me going 'Oh, I don't have any idea what to do next, so here is where things lead.' It also gives me a chance at an in universe explainer and primer.

Yes it's low effort. However I need SOMETHING to keep some kind of SOMETHING going otherwise I'll have lost all momentum.


Q: Why are you doing this?

There are many misconceptions out there of what Necromancers can do now and could do during the War. I'm stubborn enough to try learning in spite of the legal issues and very real danger to my own life, as it is an affinity I was born with. Scholars who don't have the same affinity, or worse none at all, can come close but won't have the same understanding on how it feels to be told 'you must have one arm tied behind your back at all times or else we kill you.' Sure force magic can be used, but there's always this sense that there is so much more. Again, using a metaphor for those who know nothing of magic, it's like getting a cookie, or a single drink of milk and you know that there's a whole plate or pitcher of both and you can easily grab them but it'll cost you. All while you see everyone else freely have their fill no problems or questions asked.

It leaves you wondering why you're singled out, why you're born this way when the world seems to hate you for existing. It takes a strong support network for people to live with that, and sadly most are stigmatized or outright beaten, or worse, if you tell anyone. I'm one of the lucky ones and even I've had to deal with people who have known me my whole life walking away. I have no sappy 'I'm here for a Purpose' song and dance to make the home audience feel better. I'm being made to suffer for the sins of generations past, and that isn't right.

This is the only way and time I get to feel like I'm Me and not wearing a mask, and even with the strings attached and everything that's happened or could happen? That's... worth it.

Q: How are you alive?

Mostly because I live in a place that follows through on the promise of 'live and let live so long as you behave.'

Q: You could have tried to distance yourself by calling yourself a spirit seer, or some other title, so why Necromancer?

Because I see little point in distinctions that have no distinction so long as the general public views me the same as ye olden horror stories of cultists in the woods trying to raise up the dead for fun and profit. Granted there have been several instances of symbols and names being so tightly bound with Bad Things that any who survive have to distance themselves. For now I'm keeping the title as is. Maybe that will change, maybe not. I am only human after all and my mind is liable to change.

Q: How did you learn considering it's illegal?

Normally this is where I would be somewhat evasive. After all, if you know how and where a person does The Thing you can narrow down who it is, and even if I have a measure of legal protection? Doesn't prevent someone or a lot of someones from torching my home or shiving me in the street. So, experimentation? Due to Sancrest's closeness to star city I do get to, now and again, look at old texts that are then turned over for disposal after a few days. For those unaware; there is a grace period between acquisition and destruction as well as provisions for academic study, though that protection does get stretched to its breaking.

Also, getting a permit for said exemption is both difficult, and puts you on a very short list of primary suspects, and worse. Consultants that are legally obligated as part of that special permit to aid in any relevant investigations. Granted I would volunteer anyway if I felt I could be of positive use, but it's still an aggrivation.

Q: What advice do you have if confronted by a necromancer?

Apologies, but I had to reword this question from the dozens of variations on 'how do we kill you' since I very much don't want to die, but I have to face up to the fact that not everyone with my affinity will be non-violent. So here are some tips.

Let's take me as an example of a worst case you'll likely deal with. I have some training, some theoretical knowledge based on books I'd been lucky enough to skim before sending off to be torched. The danger in facing me would be which tricks do I have, and how badly am I going to exploit how much everything has played up the big bad undead monster maker spreader of corruption and disease image? Also like all magic users i can use pure force, which I have a far more comfident graps of as that is somethingI can practice openly. Also, I have a pistol, and have no real problems shooting people that want to kill me. Feel like rolling the dice on that one on one? Honestly, you'd be better off getting help and taking me in a rush and or when I'm in a position where I can't defend myself.

Q: What about zombies?

Y'know? From my experience modern media has done a pretty good job of showing what you're likely to come up against. From personal research War era zombies are a whole other sort of bad news, but your average shambler? Aim for the head and may the Saints look away.

Infection isn't instant nor is it a universal death sentence. Get prompt treatment from a trained healer and you won't have to risk losing a limb. However if you're out in the middle of nowhere and have nobody that can purge infections? Amputation can actually slow the spread of the actual necrosis, but it won't wholly prevent it, and you then have the issue of sudden very major trauma with potential for mundane infection and blood loss to set in along with the risk you didn't get the whole of the infected mass. Healers are your best bet.

Sadly no, once someone has turned they're gone. I have read anecdotal reports of a person possessing their own zombified husk, but those reports are rare and even if that happened, eventually the spirit would move on and you are back to being stuck with a life hating flesh hungry zombie that suddenly thinks your face looks delicious. If you somehow are in the position of meeting a zombie that has its wits about it enough to reason and not attack? Use that chance to let the person have some last words, learn what you can of how they got turned into a zombie so you can report details to professionals to deal with, and make peace with their own passing while leading them away from any crowds so you can put the zombie down with minimal risk of infected material splattering onto spectators.

Once put down, a corpse can't be re-risen as another zombie without a lot of invasive work magically filling in and stitching it back togehter. It's expensive and not really worth doing. The problem is, and again I have to give credit to modern media, Zombies tend to be pretty hard to put down in a permenent manner.

Q: What can you dothat isn't zombies and death?




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